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Strainprint’s Jessica Moran Featured on The Haze Podcast

Strainprint’s Jessica Moran Featured on The Haze Podcast “In this episode of The Haze Podcast, Peter talks to Jessica Moran, Director of Marketing and Communications at Strainprint Technologies Inc. With 17 years of experience in marketing and public relations, Jessica ran her own consultancy prior to coming on board with Strainprint. Peter and Jessica talk […]


Understanding Terpenes: Ocimene

Understanding Terpenes: Ocimene Ocimene is one of more than 200 terpenes discovered to date in hemp and cannabis. Terpenes are aromatic molecules once thought to convey only aroma (as part of the evolutionary defense mechanisms of herbs and other plants). In recent years, however, much clinical research has revealed the medicinal efficacy of molecules such […]

How Long Do the Effects of Cannabis Last?

How Long Do the Effects of Cannabis Last?

How Long Do the Effects of Cannabis Last? With the legalization of both medical and recreational cannabis across Canada, many people are trying the herb for the first time. For an inexperienced cannabis consumer it can be difficult to wade through all the information out there to get the answers that matter the most. One […]

Patient Data

The Future of Medicine Lies in Valuable Patient Data

The Decision is in the Data: The future of medicine lies in valuable patient data By: Ashley Keenan Data is invaluable in helping industry professionals become more efficient and productive, the medical cannabis industry is no exception. According to Stanford University, focusing on data in healthcare could lead to more preventive, predictive and personalized care, […]

Stewart Farms

Strainprint™ Technologies Welcomes Stewart Farms to Growing List of Subscribers

Strainprint™ Technologies Welcomes Stewart Farms, Organic Medical Cannabis Producer to Growing List of Subscribers Stewart Farms Will Utilize Strainprint’s Comprehensive Data and Analytics Platform to Aid in Producing Optimal Medical Cannabis Products. TORONTO, Aug. 21, 2019 /CNW/ – Strainprint™ Technologies Ltd, the leader in cannabis data and analytics is pleased to expand their nation-wide coverage […]

Terpenes for Anxiety

Terpenes for Anxiety 

Terpenes for Anxiety  By: Curt Robbins Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent class of mental disorders. Social anxiety (sometimes called social phobia) is an anxiety disorder that affects more than 45 million North Americans. It is characterized by feelings of fear and dread when in social environments and can manifest as panic attacks, sleep disturbances, […]


How and Why You Should Vaporize Cannabis

How and Why You Should Vaporize Cannabis Can smoking cannabis be dangerous? We know that medical cannabis is useful for treating a myriad of health conditions and smoking cannabis has become fairly common after legalization in 2018. However, the health implications associated with smoking cannabis are less talked about and understood. The Canadian Medical Association […]

The GrowthOp

Strainprint Featured in The GrowthOp

Strainprint Featured in The GrowthOp – Four in 10 respondents with medical conditions opting for cannabis to reduce pharmaceutical use: Strainprint Report notes that cost and lack of insurance coverage remain two key hurdles to clear By Tamara Lilien  August 5, 2019 What role might medical cannabis play in mitigating polypharmacy, or using more than one […]

Cannabis Retail

Nine Cannabis Retail Stores Raising the Bar For Dispensaries Everywhere

Nine cannabis retail stores raising the bar for dispensaries everywhere By: Ashley Keenan There is nothing that feels quite like the first time you walk in to a dispensary or cannabis retail store. Similar to the childlike wonder of Christmas morning, there is an excitement of being able to access large selections, understand product sources, […]