How Cannabis Could Help Seniors

How Cannabis Could Help Seniors Seniors are one of the fastest growing demographics for cannabis use in Canada.  This isn’t surprising, as cannabis is known to help a wide variety of illnesses, including many that are common in the elderly population. Furthermore, the population of seniors in Canada is growing and projected to keep growing. […]

How to Access Medical Cannabis in Canada

How to Access Medical Cannabis in Canada: Part One

How to Access Medical Cannabis in Canada: Part One It can be a confusing and overwhelming process to get a medical authorization for cannabis. In this two part series we’ll go over the steps to take in order to access medical cannabis in Canada. With a medical authorization, you will be able to order from […]


Can You Overindulge in Cannabis Enough to Overdose?

Can You Overindulge in Cannabis Enough to Overdose? Smoking or vaping may be the best way for those wanting to control their cannabis experience. By Emma Spears| April 18, 2019 It’s sometimes referred to as a green out, cannabis poisoningor even just a really bad time—but it’s not what most people think of as an overdose. […]


Edibles: How Fats Help Cannabis Absorption

Edibles: How Fats Help Cannabis Absorption It’s well-known in the world of nutrition that food pairings which maximize the health benefits of each individual item are a great way to move your health care plan forward. For instance, salad dressings that contain fats are typically recommended over non-fat alternatives because they help ensure that the vitamins and […]

Cannabis for Conditions

Cannabis for Conditions: Cancer

Cannabis for Conditions: Cancer Hundreds of different molecules are produced by hemp and cannabis plants. A large portion of these have proven—through anecdotal evidence and formal research—to deliver a wide range of medicinal efficacies to patients, including anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and analgesic (pain killing) qualities. One of the greatest potential benefits from the use of cannabis […]

Cannabis in sports

An Introduction to Cannabis in Sports, Athletic Recovery, and Wellness

Cannabis has a fickle relationship with sports organizations though plenty of athletes use it. All over the world top athletes have and will continue to turn to cannabis to help them focus on the moment, relax and aid recovery following sports injuries. They do this despite having access to other medications because it is presumed […]


Understanding Flavonoids

Learn more about Flavonoids in the Strainprint Community The cannabis herb produces more than 400 chemical compounds—all of which manifest in different efficacy profiles depending on consumption avenue, including ingestion (edibles) and inhalation (smoke and vapor, each producing different molecular profiles). The most noted and understood of these molecules are cannabinoids and terpenes. Cannabidiol (CBD) […]


Understanding CBD

Understanding CBD To read the full article, visit the Strainprint Community…


Understanding Terpenes — Nerolidol

To learn more about this anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory super terpene, head over to the Strainprint Community…