Advanced Medical Marijuana Data and Analytics

Based on real-time data from actual patients, Strainprint’s sophisticated analytics platform gives producers, clinics and researchers the information they need to make informed decisions about what to grow, what to prescribe and what trends are on the horizon. Think of Strainprint as your own cannabis market research department.

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Growers and Retailers

Grow and sell the cannabis products your customers actually want

  • Gain Valuable Consumer/Patient Insight
  • Access Market Research
  • Take A Strategic Approach To Genetic Selection
  • Reward Patient Participation

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Clinics and Researchers

Optimize treatment guidance

  • Monitor Treatment Efficacy
  • Visualize Your Patient Experience In Custom Reports
  • Conduct Clinical Research
  • Access Symptom-to-Strain Decision Support

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Real-time Medical Data

Strainprint’s data comes from real people using cannabis and tracking their medical outcomes against treatment for more than 300 conditions and their associated symptoms. You’re getting medical records - not cannabis reviews.


Easy-to-use Interface

A robust data platform only becomes a valuable research tool if it's intuitive and optimized to address the challenges you face. Our user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for anyone in your organization to perform in-depth cannabis data analysis to solve your real challenges.

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Lab-verified Strain Database

Pre-configured with thousands of lab-verified cannabis products, including ALL medical and adult-use products in Canada and a variety of U.S. States (where available).

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Customized Report Generation

Extract, structure and present raw data in easy-to-read charts and graphics. Discover hidden trends, patient behavior changes, and top-ranked strains based on user interaction and efficacy.

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Patient Privacy Protected

Strainprint is HIPAA/PHIPA/PIPEDA compliant - which is a lot of letters that mean we adhere to strict health information privacy laws and that all patient information is collected anonymously via a secure and robust web-based analytics platform.

Engagement Rewards

Ongoing Consumer Engagement

The Strainprint Loyalty Program keeps cannabis users engaged and encourages repeat tracking - which means ongoing data points for Analytics customers.

Understand Cannabis Better

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The anonymous patient data that Strainprint Analytics gathers and analyses is made available to cannabis industry stakeholders via a tiered subscription. Here’s how you can benefit.

  • Understand consumer buying habits
  • Identify opportunities for product development and innovation
  • Compare your product offering to your competitors
  • Optimize product selection, formulation and margins through real-time data
  • Conduct targeted market research to identify growth opportunities
  • Increase consumer engagement through loyalty rewards

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  • Use real-time data to determine optimal treatment
  • Compare treatment options and strain efficacies
  • Perform detailed queries
  • Run clinically-focused studies
  • Create custom patient surveys
  • Get 360-degree view of patients’ progress

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  • HIPAA/PHIPA/PIPEDA compliance meets government and healthcare requirements for patient privacy
  • Access more than 6 million real-time patient data points
  • Conduct clinically-focused studies and trials
  • Study specific interactions and behaviors with a sandbox cohort dataset
  • Geo-tagged data sets allows for segmentation analysis based on patient interactions and treatment outcome

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