Edible Regulations

Edible Regulations 101

Edible Regulations 101 – What patients can expect from Canada’s second wave of legalization Edibles are the buzzword right now with the legalization of cannabis-infused foods, beverages and topicals coming this fall.  By: Ashley Keenan Canada is expecting it’s unofficial second wave of legalization this October, with a new set of cannabis products becoming legal. […]

Cannabis Retail

Nine Cannabis Retail Stores Raising the Bar For Dispensaries Everywhere

Nine cannabis retail stores raising the bar for dispensaries everywhere By: Ashley Keenan There is nothing that feels quite like the first time you walk in to a dispensary or cannabis retail store. Similar to the childlike wonder of Christmas morning, there is an excitement of being able to access large selections, understand product sources, […]

Big Data

Strainprint Featured in Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.nxt

Strainprint Featured in Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.nxt Talking Big Data July 8, 2019 5 insights that big data has gleaned about cannabis After gathering 65 million data points, Strainprint has collected the world’s largest medicinal cannabis dataset. That means a fascinating collection of marijuana-related information and high hopes for medical researchers. How do you collect data when […]


Bad Seed: Cannabis’s History as the Most Notorious Plant in America

Bad Seed: Cannabis’s History as the Most Notorious Plant in America Cannabis has a long, storied history in the Americas filled with literal highs and sobering lows. Its presence in the New World predates the formation of the United States and brought slaves to Brazil and the Carribean. After the US revolution, many early presidents […]


CBD vs THC: Has comparison become a barrier to healing?

CBD vs THC: Has comparison become a barrier to healing? The dissection of CBD and THC is creating a fixation on high vs not high, pulling focus from whole plant medicine By: Ashley Keenan Cannabis has multiple cannabinoids, the chemical compounds in the plant that react with the endocannabinoid receptors in the body. The two […]

Quality Control

How is Cannabis Quality Tested? Discovering Canada’s 2018 Consumer Protections

The 2018 guidelines for 3rd party testing can be broken down into two main categories: cultivation and production. Here’s a look at some key criteria for these new consumer protections. To find out more, visit the Strainprint Community…

Cannabis Weight Loss

Can Cannabis Help You Lose Weight?

While it’s been long rumoured that cannabis use leads to “the munchies” and subsequent weight gain, weed and weight loss may have a surprising and promising partnership. An age-old assumption that is held about cannabis users is that they often succumb to “the munchies” and end up making poor food choices, risking gaining weight as […]