Containing Cannabis Scent: Bringing Your Cannabis Consumption Inside

Containing Cannabis Scent

Containing Cannabis Scent: Bringing Your Cannabis Consumption Inside

Cannabis, in its varied forms, has the potential to single us out in a crowd. Why? The smell, of course. It’s something we’ve all had to deal with. Whether you smoke it, vape it, or cook it for use in making edibles, oils, topicals, or tinctures, when cannabis is heated (known as decarboxylation), it produces a very distinct aroma, some of which can actually stick to our clothing. So what can you do about containing cannabis scent?

Consuming Through Inhalation

Consuming cannabis outdoors can be lovely – if it’s summertime in Canada, you live in California, or you’re not tethered to your desktop vaporizer. For those of us living in countries that experience all four seasons quite distinctly; rain-drenched springs, blustery autumns, and winters of -20o temperatures, tripping out to the backyard or the garage to smoke, vape, or use a bong, simply isn’t feasible. It’s borderline cruel!

Keeping local laws in mind that may prohibit cannabis smoking and vaping in the same way that tobacco is prohibited, here are a few tips for mitigating odours while consuming cannabis through inhalation.

  • Generally speaking, vaping cannabis produces the least amount of odour as compared to smoking it or using a bong.
  • Use a personal air filter/purifier like the Smoke Buddy or Eco Four Twenty. Essentially, inhale your cannabis, exhale into the device. Both of these, and others, are available on Amazon.
  • If you’re looking for a DIY personal air filter – often referred to as a sploof – stuff or cover (using an elastic band to hold in place) a spent toilet-paper roll with a dryer sheet and exhale into it. Yes, a paper-towel roll will work too.
  • Add dry lavender to your cannabis. Not only does this mitigate the odour, but you also get the added benefit from lavender’s terpenes. Other dry herbs will work as well. · Use a low-odour strain. YES! There are low-odour strains available. However, a strain’s aroma comes from its terpenes and terpenes play an important therapeutic role. Be mindful of your low-odour strain’s terpene profile.
  • Use a smoke-odour eliminating candle or spray. Specifically, you want to look for something that tackles the odour at the molecular level. Luky8 candles and sprays or Smoke Odor Exterminator candles are both available on Amazon.

One of the benefits of inhaling cannabis is that the effects can be felt within seconds. Cannabis nebulizers are the newest frontier when it comes to inhaling cannabis. Nebulizing uses aerosolized liquid (usually water) to deliver its payload. With cannabis extracts being predominantly hydrophobic – doesn’t like water – more research and development is needed before nebulizers become available.

Odour-minimizing Dry-herb Storage Solutions

While some LPs package dry herb in air-tight containers/resealable envelopes, this is not (yet) a standard practice. Storing marijuana in an odour-minimizing way can be a challenge. Here are a few suggestions on how to store cannabis in ways that mitigate odour.

  • Buy a cannabis humidor or locker with multiple compartments. The upscale ones are temperature controlled; most are lockable. Some come with small containers to separate your strains.
  • Buy a smell-proof “stash bag”. Less expensive than the humidors with many of the same features.
  • Mason jars with twist- or clamp-on lids. Available at most dollar stores. Be sure to also buy humidity control packets like Integra Boost or Boveda to drop into each jar to keep your weed happy. Remember to label the jars with the strain name and date.
  • Ziploc bags and/or containers. Again, remember to use the humidity control packets and labelling.

Cannabis carries a heavy aroma. It’s a fact. From tried-and-true homegrown ideas like the “sploof” to new/continuing developments such as low-odour strains, and nebulizers, containing cannabis scent continues to drive fun and interesting innovations that help us consume cannabis discreetly.