Cannabis terpenes


Understanding Terpenes: Geraniol

Understanding Terpenes: Geraniol Welcome to Strainprint Technologies’ Understanding Terpenes Series, an ongoing collection of science- and research-based articles regarding the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of hundreds of wellness components from the cannabis plant. Terpenesare the special molecules responsible for the sometimes pungent aroma of mature female cannabis plants and post-harvest loose-leaf flower. These organic compounds […]


Understanding Terpenes: Bisabolol 

Understanding Terpenes: Bisabolol  Bisabolol, also called a-bisabolol and levomenol, is a terpene that is known for delivering a fresh floral aroma that sometimes includes a sweet hint of citrus or spice. Discovered and first isolated in 1951, it is commonly used as a fragrance ingredient in cosmetic and dermatological products, including after shave cream, deodorants, […]


Understanding Terpenes

Understanding Terpenes The cannabis herb offers many molecules that have been found to provide medicinal efficacy for patients and health and wellness benefits for “adult use” consumers. Among these healthful chemicals are cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Terpenes are the molecules responsible for the sometimes pungent aroma of many strains of cannabis. With 200 terpenes possible […]


Understanding Terpenes: Ocimene

Understanding Terpenes: Ocimene Ocimene is one of more than 200 terpenes discovered to date in hemp and cannabis. Terpenes are aromatic molecules once thought to convey only aroma (as part of the evolutionary defense mechanisms of herbs and other plants). In recent years, however, much clinical research has revealed the medicinal efficacy of molecules such […]