The Effects of Cannabis on Creativity

Strainprint® ran a survey in 2023 to learn about how people use cannabis when engaged in creative activities. Here are some findings along with recent data from thousands of unique experiences of people using the Strainprint®App. If you’re a #DataNerd who finds these survey results as interesting as we do, make sure you follow Strainprint to […]

Cannabis Edibles Survey Results

Cannabis Edibles Survey Results  Cannabis-infused food or beverages, or more simply just called ‘edibles’ are now legal products in Canada and some US states.  Cannabis edibles have started popping up in innovative food types and yummy flavours and are consumed for both medical and recreational purposes. We wanted to understand more about what Strainprint app […]

Cannabis and Insomnia Survey Results

Cannabis and Insomnia Survey Results  We recently sent out a survey on Cannabis and Insomnia to our Strainprint App users, asking if they use cannabis to get to sleep easier, or stay asleep longer. We received over 1250 responses to the survey that we’ve summarized below, to give you a better understanding of how people […]

Getting Busy

74% of Cannabis Users Report Getting Lifted Before Getting Busy

74% of Cannabis Users Report Getting Lifted Before Getting Busy: Survey It’s high time to hop into bed with someone you fancy. And if you’re a cannabis user, there’s a good chance you’ll be hitting the skins after taking a hit, at least according to the findings of a new survey. On Valentine’s Day, users […]