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The Best 5 Places to Consume Cannabis in Canada this Summer

The Best 5 Places to Consume Cannabis in Canada this Summer Canada is becoming green all over with more and more establishments offering a welcoming space for patrons to consume their cannabis without shame or guilt It is no average summer in Canada, this year marks the first official summer season since cannabis was legalized […]

How is Cannabis Quality Tested? Discovering Canada’s 2018 Consumer Protections

The 2018 guidelines for 3rd party testing can be broken down into two main categories: cultivation and production. Here’s a look at some key criteria for these new consumer protections. To find out more, visit the Strainprint Community…

Cannabis Weight Loss

Can Cannabis Help You Lose Weight?

While it’s been long rumoured that cannabis use leads to “the munchies” and subsequent weight gain, weed and weight loss may have a surprising and promising partnership. An age-old assumption that is held about cannabis users is that they often succumb to “the munchies” and end up making poor food choices, risking gaining weight as […]

Marijuana Cultivation Center In Nevada Ramps Up Production As State Legalizes Recreation Use Of Weed

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Just One Puff of Low-THC Weed Can Help Ease Sadness, Study Finds https://gizmodo.com/just-one-puff-of-low-thc-weed-can-help-ease-sadness-st-1825420328