Strainprint Reports

The only reports utilizing cannabis consumption data to understand how people use cannabis for different medical indications and how they rate the efficacy of the products they use.

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Bringing unprecedented insights into the lives of medical cannabis patients, providing guidance to anyone who wants to understand the medical cannabis industry.


Over 58 million data points on cannabis product efficacy used in analyses to glean valuable growth insights


Lab-verified products used, so chemical profile of strains providing the greatest accuracy possible

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Only source of cannabis consumption data reported in real time, delivering insight into how products are actually used


Polypharmacy Report

Medical cannabis patients are using prescription drugs and over the counter medications along with cannabis, and they’re not really worried about it.

$1700.00 Special Launch Pricing (from $2499.00)

Insomnia Report

Strainprint gathered and analyzed 1.5 million data points to learn how Patients are using medical cannabis to help them sleep–and these data revealed that how medical cannabis is used for insomnia is as varied those using it.

$600.00 Special Launch Pricing (from $1000.00)

The Canadian Medical Cannabis Report

Over 800,000 patient reported outcomes were analyzed to understand trends of medical cannabis usage across Canada- before and after legalization.

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