Strainprint Patient Profile: Strainprint User Equates App to a Personal Companion for Cannabis Use

The best part about Strainprint is the fact that we get to support patients on their medical cannabis journey, help them live symptom-free and meaningful lives. This is a cause we are passionate about and we love hearing the profound stories from our app users.

Out of that passion, comes our patient profile focused blog series which will profile our app users’ medical cannabis journeys, how medical cannabis is improving their lives, and how those that are facing similar challenges can share in and learn from others.

Featured this month in our patient profile series, we have A.J, a Strainprint user that credits the app in helping along her medical cannabis journey. 

“When I found the app after scrolling through the app store I quickly realized it was like a matchmaker app for cannabis,” says A.J., a mother from Alberta.  Now, “the app is my own personal companion,” says A.J.

Like many, A.J. had experimented with cannabis on a recreational basis during high school and in her post-secondary education. “I never realized it was helping with my A.D.D,” she says, “Back then, marijuana was really looked down upon.”

Now, times are different, and A.J. has included medical cannabis and the use of the Strainprint app, into her daily lifestyle and routines.

After suffering injuries from a car accident that left her car totaled, A.J. struggled with constant  back and neck pain. Having taken every route to recovery, including pharmaceuticals, visits to chiropractors, and regular exercise, A.J. couldn’t find relief.

“It wasn’t until giving birth to my daughter that I knew my back was a huge factor in a lot of my daily struggles,” says A.J., “I knew I needed to do something other than what I had already tried.”

A.J. obtained her medical cannabis registration to help deal with her pain but found the beginning of the process very challenging. “As a new patient to medical cannabis there was so much overwhelming information,” she says, “Lots of people had recommendations for Licensed Producers and strains, and it was highly overwhelming.”

When she found Strainprint, she saw that the ability to track everything about her use was a huge help. She found the app helpful in being able to target specific symptoms, see others’ experiences of medical cannabis’ effects, and know where to find certain products from Licensed Producers.

A.J. loves that the use of the Strainprint app earns her points that she can cash in for incentives. The dry herb vaporizer she earned with Strainprint points has become a part of her everyday routine. “I enjoy microdosing, and also using my dry herb vaporizer before sleep,” explains  A.J. She prefers using strains that are high in CBD, which she describes as effective for times when she struggles with migraines or menstrual cramps.

What advice does A.J. have for cannabis users and Strainprint users? Take advantage of the tracking feature. “The records help you know what’s working or isn’t working. You can explore. You would be amazed at everything you can learn just by using the app.”

A.J is just one of thousands of medical cannabis users who rely on Strainprint to use cannabis better.