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Welcome to our Help Center. Hopefully we can answer your question(s) or help you resolve any issues you may be having with the app. Start by checking out our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you still can’t resolve your issue, please contact us! We want to help you get tracking!


Q   •   I can't complete a session.

Go to the ‘Profile’ section, tap ‘Logout’ and close the App. Then reopen the App and sign back in. This will reset the App and enable you to complete your session. All of your previous data will be preserved.

Q   •   What is the purpose of inputting a user Activation Code?

Inputting a user Activation Code (depending on which one) will unlock exclusive benefits such as unique redemption coupons or additional bonus ‘Strainpoints.’

Q   •   Will my points transfer over if I input a User Activation Code?

Yes, all your points will be transferred so that you can use them for the exclusive items on the Strainprint ‘store.’

Q   •   My Loyalty item was removed from ‘store.’

Our loyalty items have ‘valid until’ dates. We will often extend these dates if the item is still in stock. However, once the item is out of stock, it is removed from the ‘store.’

Q   •   The App is ‘crashing’ on my device.

Go to the ‘Profile’ section, tap on ‘Logout’ and close the App. Then reopen the App and sign back in. This will most often correct the issue. Unfortunately, there are a few Android and LG devices that are not fully compatible with the App. If your issue persists, please e-mail us directly so that we can investigate the issue further.

Q   •   I redeemed for an item, but haven’t received it yet.

Our loyalty items are sent out in batches every several days. Please allow 7-10 business days for your order to arrive.

Q   •   How do I add a new product?

Under ‘Products’, tap on ‘All Products’. You will see a grey bar that says, “Can’t find your product? Add it here.” Once added, this product will be available exclusively to you but not to the general Strainprint community.

Q   •   My Strainpoints total does not accurately reflect all of the sessions that I’ve recorded.

Strainpoints are only awarded for a maximum of 12 sessions per day. However, you can log as many sessions as you wish.

Q   •   I forgot to input my User or Activation Code when signing up. How can I get the bonus points?

Please e-mail us with the User Group information and the e-mail address related to your account and we will credit you with your points.

Q   •   Challenges Receiving Strainprint Notification on Samsung S8 / S8+

Samsung has made some changes to the Android operating system on Samsung S8/ S8+ devices that can disrupt notifications within the Strainprint application. This is easy to resolve by following the steps below.

1. From the home screen of your phone find the Messages app
2. Click and hold the Messaging app icon until a dialogue box appears above the icon saying “App Info”. Select “App Info”
3. Scroll down to App Settings and select “Notifications”
4. Make sure that “Allow Notifications” is enabled
5. Close the App Info page. You are now setup with notifications
6. Relaunch Strainprint

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