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Strainprint is the leading Cannabis tracking app, available on both Apple and Android devices. Designed for patients, by patients, Strainprint was created to be used by everyone. Beacon’s customized version of the Strainprint app allows you and your healthcare provider to see which strains, methods and doses work best for you. Plus, each tracked session earns you valuable points towards rewards, product discounts and more!

Getting started as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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step 1

Fill out your information on the Sign Up page to create a Strainprint account. Under Optional Promo/Activation Code enter your Beacon code: ABC151802.

Important: Don't forget to add your promo code to receive special offers and an exclusive Beacon sign-up bonus.

step 2

Click on the "Get Started" Button.

step 3

Select the conditions you suffer from, then choose the accompanying symptoms. The most commonly experienced symptoms will appear at the top of the list. Continue scrolling to see more.

step 4

Search for and select all of the strains you use (or that you will be using). You can add more by tapping the “+” button.

step 5

Review the Tutorial Screens.

get tracking.

select which symptom
you are treating.

Choose up to 3 symptoms to treat.

select how bad
your symptom is.

On a scale from 1 to 10, determine how severe your symptom is.

select which strain
you are using.

The Strainprint app currently contains all strains and products available from Canada's Licensed Producers. You can also add your own.

select which ingestion
method you are using.

Choose from smoking, vaping, edibles, pills, or oils!

select what dosage
you are using.

Strainprint helps you keep track of your dosage history.

get results.

review and adjust based
on your realtime data.

Learn which strains, THC + CBD levels, ingestion methods and dosage amounts work best for your symptoms.

easily find the best
strains for each symptom.

Quickly compare which strain is ranked #1 in efficacy for your symptom.

full session history
at your fingertips.

Review your personal log book of all previously tracked sessions.

search past sessions
by effects.

Of course you can't remember which strains made you feel most relaxed. Strainprint does that for you!

share results
with your doctor.

Allow your doctor to see how your treatment is going.

get rewarded.

earn loyalty points
for every tracked session.

Redeem points for great swag and product discounts!