Top 4 Benefits of Using a Medical Cannabis Tracking App

Strainprint Technologies

Top 4 Benefits of Using a Medical Cannabis Tracking App

With a wealth of tracking apps currently available to individuals it’s easy to see how integrating tracking into your everyday life can offer many benefits. At Strainprint we’ve been able to see patients enhance the quality of their day-to-day lives through our new and innovative tracking application.

Though the key benefits vary depending on patients’ needs and lifestyles as pioneers in offering cannabis intake tracking we’ve put together what we feel are the top 4:

  1. All About You! – Strainprint allows patients who are using cannabis to treat a wide variety of ailments. We understand that finding the right strain and dosage can be confusing. We want to ensure that our patient users are feeling their absolute best, utilizing their prescriptions to the fullest in order to lead the best life.
  2. Up To Date Tool – Strainprint offers real-time tracking to ensure real-time data is tracked allowing patients to get the most accurate feedback and guidance from our app allowing for the best possible treatment experience.
  3. Individually Tailored Experience – The Strainprint app allows for a refined individually tailored patient experience integrating patient lifestyle, activity level and other factors that may affect strains and dosage. By offering an individually tailored experience Strainprint is able to gather feedback and data which will then guide patients optimally.
  4. Connect & Share for Effective Treatment – Strainprint allows access to a global community of patients who are also using cannabis treatment for relief. Having access to this data allows patients to compare the strains they are using and what others are seeing the most benefit from. With this access, patients will be able to see a strain that may be trending that matches their exact symptoms and they may want to try.

 At Strainprint we want to ensure patients are getting the most out of their treatment, using cannabis in the most effective way possible. By continuing to guide patients to track we are able to offer countless benefits to the treatment experience, allowing patients to get the most out of their treatment leading to a simpler, happier lifestyle.