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I stopped playing hockey in 2006 and my symptoms began to get worse by the day.  I fought through the chronic pain and traumatic brain injury while being prescribed Anti-Depressants and pain pills to combat the side-effects that I was left with, from traditional pharmaceutical care at the hospital level.

By 2011, I was hospitalized for 30 days with my airways compromised and more pain that I could handle, from an adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals.I was on my way out, understanding if I did not find a way naturally to cope with both Parkinson’s Disease, Dystonia and Chronic Pain. I would not make it past the age of 40. This was not in my cards, as everyone knows the love I have for my beautiful daughter Tegan!

In 2012, I pushed my specialists at Parkwood Hospital in London, Ontario to look at Medical Cannabis- not only as an option to feel better, but to heal. I also looked down the road at how to support and be a voice for other patients, myself and be more active with my daughter. Cannabis has been a huge part of my recovery on this path to a better quality of life and recovery!

So when you're having issues dealing and coping with Chronic Illnesses, look carefully at the options we have here today with Medicinal Cannabis. There is hope and there is a way to heal naturally!

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