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Wellnesswrx is bold and offering choice by blending boundaries between complementary holistic medicine and mainstream practice

Wellnesswrx is bold and offering choice by blending boundaries between complementary holistic medicine and mainstream practice

The population in North America blended western and eastern medicine some time ago, however, not everyone knows this yet. It’s still one of the best-kept secrets and yet it’s everywhere we look. Choosing to feelgood and be well is all around us.

Today, consumers traditionally continue to see their medical practitioners and do frequent visits to yoga studios, and this has been going on for the past 10-15 years.

Like Reiki, yoga is not new, it’s not something that was discussed at the dinner table 20 years ago, and today in 2019 Reiki is part of cancer patient treatments in hospitals throughout Canada and the USA.

So, what does this mean when sharing the fact that WellnessWrx a new online referral, booking and payment portal blends the bounders of holistic and mainstream medicine?

Simply, WellnessWrx is different and we’re bold by way of offering an online market place designed for both client and provider. That right there is holistic!

We bend and blend with the medical arena in North America as a referral portal for medical doctors to use our site and App as reference for refers to their patients for complementary wellness. Here’s why we can, our providers who we partner with are accredited and insured in practice, therefore whether your a consumer referring your best friend to WellnessWrx or a Doctor, or Practitioner you can be certain that the referral is an accredited referral.

We’re not just a stopping place for the consumer to find a quick fix provider for backache or for a mental health issue, we’re a team building consciously expanding App and portal that is built for the community of growth and development for all.

For the client, we educate by offering choice in services beyond the provider’s certified modality, we offer services from A-Z for all wellness paths covering emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. So, this means that the consumer who wants support with a more traditional therapist such as a psychologist, we have that. As an adjunct to the psychologist we partnered with, they may also be trained in Reiki, or Hypnotherapy, so now the client is offered a broader choice to support what their dis-ease state is on a holistic basis.

We also work with very holistic healers who offer services and workshops such as ‘Astral Travel’, ‘Higher Dimensions Sanctuary Meditation’, ‘Free from your fears’, ‘Kick the Sugar Habit’ “How to blend yourself healthy” and so many more choices; WellnessWrx.ca

Complementary and alternative medicine is growing in demand, and its popularity this shows vividly in the number of workshops seen around the city, or what the corporate arena is offering to their employees.

WellnessWrx is different, we are building a one-stop online energy source blending mainstream and holistic wellness through mainstream technology; App and Website, and creating a world energetic choice in everything wellness for specific to help reduce stress, worry, fear, pain and more resulting in more physical, emotional and spiritual wellness for everyone who wants to feelgood.

WellnessWrx boldly blends the bounders so You have choice to feelgood at work, rest and play.

WellnessWrx offers support to our Wellness Partners the Sages behind the therapy, by showing them we care about growing their practice through the sharing of every type of business building tool available from insurance, legal, web and graphics, social media and more.

We’re different ~ Our mission is to build community of wellness throughout North America, connecting people with people, cities with towns and raising the vibration for people to feelgood.

Ancillary to our wellness model, we offer Sage Business Affiliates in all sort of other industries. Companies, organizations and individuals believe that wellness isn’t only offered in the treatment room. Companies like, Use Cannabis Better with Strainprint to Financial Wellness with professionals like Joanna Endicottother wellness Apps like ResetZone where you can have a reset your energy, or emotions in 1 minute while you’re waiting to see one of the WellnessWrx Sage Providers ~ https://wellnesswrx.ca/more-sage-referral/.

We’re different ~ We’re building community!

Be prepared for when you want more choice in your wellness path, download the WellnessWrx App today, don’t wait till you don’t feelgood, work with our providers and services to continue to feelgood.

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WellnessWrx Consciously Connects YOU to everything Wellness.
Our simple, easy to use referral and booking portal connects YOU to accredited and insured Wellness Providers who are experts in their practice.
We search the wrx for You, finding sage referrals to offer You choice for all wellness paths; Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual.
Keep WellnessWrx top of mind ~ PICK, CLICK, CONNECT Anywhere, Anytime; locally, when travelling, away at school or for visiting guests in need. We even offer same day bookings.
Become a Sage Client NOW – Known as a wise being that intuitively seeks wellness and is famed for wisdom and receive a 5% courtesy discount every-time You book!

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