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Six Reasons You Should Bring CBD On Your Camping Trip This Summer

Six Reasons You Should Bring CBD On Your Camping Trip This Summer

Six Reasons you should bring CBD on your camping trip this summer

CBD isn’t just for treating the big things, it also comes in handy for these 6 common camping ailments

By: Ashley Keenan

Summer is finally here, and with the better weather also comes opportunity to ditch the screens and completely immerse ourselves in nature. One of summer’s beloved activities is camping, there is nothing like getting away for a few days and simply enjoying life outdoors with friends and family.

People enjoy the escape and adventure that camping provides, regardless of if they are from rural or urban areas. In addition to being a popular pastime, camping has been found to have positive health impacts on people such as better moods, restful sleep, and give your immune system a boost. 

This summer instead of loading up on chemical sprays and salves for a camping trip, try something different. Believe it or not, campers are turning to something new to deal with common camping ailments- CBD oil! There are a multitude of reasons nature enthusiasts are making sure to pack the CBD oil this camping season. 

Bug Bites

Insect encounters are pretty much guaranteed while on a camping trip. Whether it’s mosquitoes, blackflies, spiders or ants, chances are campers will experience a bug bite at one point during their trip. A CBD salve or spray can relieve the inflammation and dreaded itch from a bug bite, letting you concentrate on having fun instead of scratching.

Muscle Soreness

Camping is intensely physical; between fishing, hiking, setting up camp, canoeing or simply swimming around, people can experience muscle aches and pains. Applying CBD oil topically on sore muscles helps facilitate healing and relieves pain. It can also be used to ease the pain of blisters and sore feet.

Better Sleep

All the fresh air and exercise from camping alone will help with sleep, but the uncomfortable terrain and unfamiliar sounds can make it difficult to fall asleep. While CBD doesn’t have the sedation effects of its sister cannabinoid THC, it does have a calming effect which can make it easier to relax – something that is essential when trying to sleep. 


Whether it comes from too much sun or a campfire accident, sooner or later campers usually experience a burn of some kind. CBD can help soothe the sting of a burn, as well as reduce inflammation and speed healing. A 1:1 CBD/THC full spectrum oil can help with inflammation and healing as well as ease the pain of a burn.

Cuts and Scrapes

CBD has been found to have antibacterial properties, which means that it can help with pesky cuts and scrapes that come hand in hand with camping. The oil will provide a barrier to the open wound, as well as address inflammation and prevent infections. 

Improve Mood

Vacations are rarely as relaxing as we hope, camping included. A dose of CBD in your morning coffee can boost energy, have a calming effect, and can reduce anxiety. Regardless of what has you at the end of your rope, CBD can help set you up for success on a big day.

Camping is an amazing opportunity to unplug and recharge your batteries, everyone can benefit from some time outdoors. A holiday in nature really can help people disconnect from the world for a few days and enjoying the bounty nature has to offer. Camping does have its drawbacks, like bug bites and sore muscles, fortunately it’s nothing a little CBD can’t handle. 


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