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Quiet your mind and Meditate 10-15 Minutes a Day ~ it’s a game changer

Quiet your mind and Meditate 10-15 Minutes a Day ~ it’s a game changer

Go from blah to feelgood in less than 15 minutes a day, and continue to feel good throughout the day.

15 minutes of meditation every morning will be a game changer in all areas of your life. I know this first hand. I’ve been doing this for the past 10 years. On the days I don’t take 10-15 minutes to quiet my mind, the day unfolds into moments of chaos, traffic jams, phone calls I don’t want to take, and fatigue, just to mention a few.

I am the feelgood person, optimism is my game and I’m proud of it. However, even optimists have to take time for themselves and replenish energy to feelgood and connect to their inner self and a higher being.

This simple suggestion is really good support for those suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, anger issues, any form of low energy emotional moments can be relieved by simply taking a few minutes of ‘me time’.

Even if you happen to view life as a realist or a pessimist, then meditation can help you see the glass half full and the traffic move without congestion. You could actually feelgood mostly all day long, or you may even feelgood for the whole day, just like as optimist would.

It’s thanks to my 10-15 minute a day of listening to a simple meditation and do my simple breathing technique, NOW breath while walking my dog, and saying hi to the birds, the trees and anyone who walks past me, I believe my day would not unfold as feelgood as it does.

Here are 3 of options to try this for 30 days;

  1. When walking, on the bus or subway, sitting at home or in the office, find a simple 10-15 meditation on YouTube, all you have to do is listen.
  2. Sit, or lay down and stare at a candle, or picture or at nature for as long as you can within 1-10 minutes. This quiets the mind.
  3. Say something over an over again, while breathing, slow deep belly breaths, or follow the NOWBreath mediation.
    1. I feelgood, I am abundant, I am love, I am Joy, I am powerful, I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am wise, I am peace. And repeat, repeat, repeat.

After 3-4 days of doing this, you will start to see that your body actually love it. You may feel some tingling, or sensation of relaxation that flows through the body to the mind, and that is the simplicity of connecting to your inner soul. You’ll find that this simple 10-15 minute exercise with be a game changer in all areas of your life.

For more details on how to make meditation simple and part of your every day, connect at www.wellnesswrx.ca and choose a meditation class, or teacher that calls to you to teach you to find your feelgood days you deserve.

feelgood at work, rest and play, all it takes is 10-15 minutes a day!

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