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Landrace Strains: Cannabis Strains and Where They Come From

Landrace Strains: Cannabis Strains and Where They Come From

It is believed that cannabis originated in Central Asia and during the process of human migration, seeds were spread across the Middle East, Africa, and beyond where they developed distinct differences in their new, isolated homes. Each region where cannabis has grown natively or been uniquely cultivated has its own history and identifiable strains.

Cannabis by region can be traced back to landrace strains that are the original foremothers of the unique and regional strains we know now. In science “landrace” means a plant or animal that is human-cultivated and develops unique qualities based on its location due to isolation from other populations of the species. Some of those strains include Durban Poison from South Africa and Hindu Kush from the Kush mountain range between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

It wasn’t until gardening and hot-house technology developed that we began to see original cannabis strains developed in colder places like Canada and Europe.

North American Cannabis Strains

As cannabis spread, so too did it’s unique adaptability to region and cultivation. Now, even outside of its ideal growing environments of warm sandy soil, we are seeing strains that originate from all over the world. It might surprise you to know that even colder climates like Canada are proud to boast a few unique strains that have become the parents of dozens of strains originating from the northern climates of North America.

Manitoba Poison

From the longitudinal heart of Canada, it’s only fitting to start with Manitoba Poison. As you might guess from the name, this 50/50 hybrid strain has a parent potentially related to the Durban Poison strain as well as a strong, unknown Sativa. It is well-known for its earthy and woody aroma, and a happy, relaxed high.

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