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Want to engage with all the members in the community? Head to the forums to ask questions and join in conversations.

These are closed and private group discussions. Does your company, clinic or research team want an exclusive Community group?

Please contact us at community@strainprint.ca for more information. 

  • Joint Ventures
    Joint Ventures
    23 members

    Joint Ventures is a platform for participants who want to discuss and strategize ongoing issues in the […]

  • The Herb Clinics
    The Herb Clinics
    10 members

    The Herb Clinic provides patient education and consultation for the use of medicinal cannabis. Answering […]

  • Endometriosis Group
    Endometriosis Group
    106 members

    With the help of endometriosis warriors, like you, we can learn more about this condition and ultimately […]

  • Bureau of Cannabis Consuming Ladies (BCCL)

    The Bureau of Cannabis Consuming Ladies (BCCL), an initiative by Cori, is an event-series that provides a […]

  • The Strainprint Alpha Team

    A closed group for our very special community engineers!

  • Strainprint Staff
    Strainprint Staff
    21 members

    Come on in, Strainprint team!

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