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Strainprint Forums Advocacy When the police drop off your cannabis instead of the bus??

  • Labradorlost

    When the police drop off your cannabis instead of the bus??

    My father has Glioblastoma, a brain cancer. He recently recieved his medical license and I have been legal since 2011. My parent’s had been at my residence through the winter and decided to return home for awhile. I put my father’s cannabis on the bus as it had arrived after they left. As I was standing at the counter I was suprised to see that passenger’s were expected to show proof that they had a medical marijuana. I very politely pointed out that I thought that was a invasion of privacy. The next day my mother and father (my father cannot be left alone) go to pick up the parcel. They are told they are told they need to go to the police station to pick it up. They do and the constable was not in. The constable calls and brings it over to my parents door. She apologized and stated that some people still have yet realise that cannabis is legal. Which was great but did nothing to alleviate the stress and anxiety that was put on my parents. I had reassure to my mother that they were allowed to have cannabis multiple times before she drove home one week ago and now this.
    How do I make a complaint with Ontario Northland that will resonate?

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