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Strainprint Forums Product Reviews: Vapes & More Wappa From Canna Farms

  • Songbringer

    Wappa From Canna Farms

    Today was delivery day, and I decided to try Wappa for the 1st time. I ordered it based on it’s terpene profile, namely Pinene, in lieu of Critical Super Silver Haze, as it was sold out when I placed my order. That aside, I came here to write a brief review of it, despite only using it once. As soon as I opened the bag, I was treated to beautiful earthy and pine smells to my absolute delight. Visually, the buds were well trimmed, covered in trichomes, giving the beautiful orange color, very fresh, and they bounced back at the slightest of pressure. Being the first time ordering this cultivar, I couldn’t wait to experience it. I vaped Wappa at 180C in my ALD Amaze and it was an enjoyable experience. The vapor was smooth and clean with a very noticeable fruity taste, with Pinene complimenting it nicely. I used this to treat chronic pelvic cramping and low back pain, and it delivered. I suddenly had energy, enabling me to do what I had put off due to pain and fatigue. Wappa packs a nice Sativa effect. I’m clear headed, alert, focused…with a slight zoned out feeling, which I’m relishing in. My mood is also elevated. I also noticed the appetite stimulant effects. Perfect daytime cultivar for relief without feeling sedated or groggy, or for those days when you just want to unwind. At $10.50/g, it’s worth every penny. Hoping this one stays around, especially if I encounter CSSH being out of stock again.

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