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  • vampireheart333

    Vikings and cannabis

    The discovery of cannabis pollen near a Viking settlement in Newfoundland raises the question of whether the Vikings were smoking or eating pot while exploring North America.

    In the past few decades historians and archaeologists have been unearthing cannabis in several Viking burial sites. A new discovery was found in Canada with a connection to cannabis and a Viking settlement.
    This is a great finding for Canada, cannabis and the Vikings. Even though it was just pollen it still has potential for more historical cannabis findings in Canada.

    The article asks the question “were Vikings smoking cannabis while exploring Newfoundland?” What are your thoughts on this?

    I myself being a major Vikings geek and medical cannabis consumer have my own thoughts on Vikings and cannabis consumption. I believe that they use this plant many different ways not just for smoking, the Vikings were know to use every part of a animal or a plant in many different formats. My personal thought is that cannabis was used to help combat sea sickness on the high seas, healing and pain relief uses for after battles, textiles for the house and the seas, and finally spiritually.

    Article 👇🏼


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