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    Veterans turning to Medical Cannabis

    *The Herb Clinic is currently looking for information from Veterans as to the use of their medical cannabis. We are trying to collect as many stories or statements as possible to direct to Veteran affairs for ongoing research to the use of Cannabis as Medicine. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have a story to share.

    Injured Veterans turning to Medical Cannabis in increasing numbers

    The number of injured veterans using medical cannabis has increased substantially, according to Veterans Affairs Canada, while opioid use has decreased.
    A mixture of prescription drugs was once the only option for Veterans struggling to deal with their life-changing injuries.
    Veterans have stated that they have been able to decrease, if not stop, all opioid use as well as other prescription drugs that once was their only means for treatment.
    Veteran patients have stated that since using Cannabis as medicine, they have been able to not only come off some or most of their prescription drugs, but as well no longer feel the side effects from being on those prescriptions such as; upset stomach, ulcers, constipation, irritability, light headed and more.
    Veterans have stated that they are excited for the potential that cannabis can treat several of their symptoms such as pain, insomnia, anxiety and PTSD.
    New data from Veterans Affairs Canada found that around 10,000 vets used Medical Cannabis in 2018 – compared to only 1,700 vets in 2015. In the last 5 years, payouts for veterans’ opioid prescriptions for fentanyl have dropped 85 per cent, while payouts for oxycodone have dropped by 75 per cent.

    If you are a Veteran who is using Cannabis as Medicine, we would love to hear from you.
    Have you found the treatment to work for you?
    What are you using Cannabis to treat?
    Are you curious if Cannabis will work for you?

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