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Strainprint Forums DIY Edibles Varying times for infusing oil

  • Melaniemmm

    Varying times for infusing oil

    I’ve got some CBD flower decarbed and ready to be infused with oil. I use the instant pot to decarb and make oil. I use an onyx stainless steel container, most use a mason jar. For safety I chose Onxy because glass can break.

    I’ve seen people reporting results online make the oil infusion in 20 minutes to 1.5hr in the instant pot. I’ve made one with the max time too.

    Are there benefits to infusing longer? Any disadvantages of infusing for a long time?

    1. Measure out cannabis, I used 1 gr. There are a few sites that have different measurements.
    2. Grind
    3. Tosss into mason jar and seal or Onyx with a small piece of food grade string between the rim and seal (so you can open without spilling)
    4. Add water, trivet and container
    5. Close the instant pot, set to Manual, high for 40 minutes.
    6. Quick release, remove container from instant pot using pot holder or something to protect your hands from heat.
    7. For each gram add 1 oz of oil of choice (I also add a bit of sunflower lecithin). Stir ingredients. If there is moisture on the lid use a new seal for mason jar or wipe with paper towel for onyx.
    8. Place container back in instant pot, manual 40 minutes to max time.

    1. Are there benefits to infusing longer?
    2. Any disadvantages of infusing for a long time?

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