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Strainprint Forums Licensed Producers Transferring from one LP to another-Success!

  • AshleighBrown

    Transferring from one LP to another-Success!

    I really am grateful for the changes to the medical cannabis program here in Canada-one in particular.
    Having the ability to change from one LP to another without a visit to a clinic or doctor has been really helpful when one of my LPs is out of stock or no longer carries a strain I need.
    I have done it twice since legalization: the first time it took 8 business days for the transferring LP to fax my document. But since I had let my new LP know I was waiting on a transfer, they were really quick and had me ready to order as soon as they received the fax. Kudos to Green Relief for being communicative and on the ball.

    The second time was this past week: this time it took 1 business day (I was worried with the holidays it would be longer) but Aphria was really efficient! I did resend the email on January 2nd as I had sent it late on the 31st and thought it might get missed. Again, I had let my new LP Tantalus know that I was registering with them and they had me ready to order in 12 hours from the time my registration was cancelled at Aphria and faxed to them!

    I really encourage all patients to use this new option to ensure they have access to affordable consistent supply of what works for you.

    Sidenote: if you want to split a prescription you will still need to contact your prescribing doctor or clinic.

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