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Strainprint Forums Suggestion Box Thoughts/Ideas for Future Updates/Upgrades of the Strainprint App

  • miluti

    Thoughts/Ideas for Future Updates/Upgrades of the Strainprint App

    I have a few ideas and thoughts about the app so I thought I’d start a new thread! @StrainWizLampert – this might be one to watch. 😎 ????

    I know several of us over on SheCann were hoping that the most recent update would have the ability to mashup different products/strains for a session (ie, 0.5mL of this oil and 1.0mL of this oil taken together, oooor “3 puffs of a 50/50 blend of this strain and this strain”, ooooooooor “3 puffs of this strain and four puffs of this strain”). Hopefully this can be developed in the future!

    I also find it sort of confusing/frustrating that there are duplicates of some conditions. For instance, there’s “Migraine” and “Headache, Migraine”.

    I’d like to see some other conditions listed, too, such as somnolence (which I feel is different than fatigue), for instance.

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