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Strainprint Forums Strain Reviews THCa Oil Review (High THCa by Whistler)

  • Ashley27

    THCa Oil Review (High THCa by Whistler)

    Here is my review and some info on Whistler’s (WMMC) High THCa oil, which I use for seizure control, tremors, and other neurological symptoms. I use my THCa oil as most patients would use their CBD oil, since I have negative reactions to CBD and synthetics.
    WMMC THCa oil is organic in an olive and coconut oil base. Their oils have the terpenes intact and have been personally my best and fastest acting, and by far the strongest oils I have tried.

    The High THCa Oil from WMMC is 26.7mg/ml THCa and the competition seems VERY similar in mg/ml measurements so far that I have seen.

    THCa oil is also sold by Emerald in an MCT oil, and Cannimed in an olive oil base. I heard that Cannafarms is going to release one shortly, and their oils are grape seed based. So we may have some other options soon!

    I began using THCa in October 2018 after being a medical cannabis user for a year. MCT oils all failed me, and so did all CBD. I have an intention tremor, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, epilepsy which is a little treatment resistant (I take a max dose of 3 seizure meds plus the THCa), chronic conditions overlapping with lupus and connective tissue diseases, a pituitary adenoma (unknown whether it is functioning), and many other chronic conditions and symptoms.

    I started low and went slow, beginning with 0.3ml per dose once a day, hoping for an energy boost in the daytime. I quickly realized I had no psychoactive effects and I could easily vape my normal doses and take other oils with the THCa with no negative effects. It did however build up my already high tolerance to THC quickly. I noticed I had more energy and my spasms and tremors were almost gone within a week. I could hold a pen and write my name again, and now I can hold my hands almost still! I had the constant nauseating tremor where my hands shook so bad I couldn’t hold onto anything! It is so still now, that no doctor would ever believe there is anything wrong with me.

    I take 2-3 doses per day of 0.5-0.9ml each. It depends how I am feeling whether I skip my middle-of-the-day dose. If I am doing more during a day, I need more, etc. So I dose appropriately.
    It is expensive to keep up, and I ensure I keep 3-4 bottles in my cabinet at all times because they do run out sometimes. I hope more LP’s come out with non MCT oils, including THCa options, because I think it shows extreme neurological symptom management for MS and Parkinson’s type symptoms.

    I would highly recommend the THCa to anyone looking for neurological symptom relief. It has changed my life, when nothing else has. SO I will pay for this oil. I can no longer live without it!

    I was unable to go 2-3 weeks without a seizure before THCa. With THCa, and managing my triggers of course, I have gone 9-10 weeks (and that one was a light sensitivity so I am unsure I should count it! lol) seizure free! I think this is a huge breakthrough and gives alternatives for those who may not respond well to, or who cannot tolerate CBD, like myself.

    Any more questions please ask. I hope someone is able to pick this review apart and find it helpful 🙂

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