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  • vampireheart333

    Testing edibles

    I recently made a new batch of AVB oil but haven’t tested it yet. I’m wondering if I should drop my dose back down and test it low and slow or keep with the same 1 ml dose that I have been doing. My AVB has a mix of 3 or 4 stains so there is no real knowledge about how much thc and cbd in there.

    I also would love to hear how others actually test their edibles for potency. Do you do math? Do you wait until you have nothing to do and chop down? What size do you take? A bite or a chunk?

    Can’t wait to hear what you think I should do and what everyone else does.

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  • AshleighBrown

    Given the massive variation in the potency of AVB I would drop your dose down. You will likely have a pretty good idea after the first dose of whether it feels about the same or if you need to bump back up!
    So many variables in digestion and metabolism with edibles at play so add in the potency question to account for the AVB and bingo, its a magical mystery!!
    I don’t do alot of DIY edibles, but when I do I measure out by 1/4 tsp to start because I am so sensitive! If it is a baked good I divide into small equal pieces and start with one!
    Please keep us posted on this!

    • AshleighBrown

      Always a pleasure! These are great questions so thank you for asking them here!

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