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  • suzyjo120

    Successful Homemade THC dominant Topical Ointment

    I wanted to create a THC dominant topical to see if it would help any pain I have. I’ve tried CanniMed’s Kalaya with their 1:1 oil. This topical has not helped my pain and in the beginning it actually caused nerve pain. CBD often gives me more pain rather than less so I thought I had nothing to lose by trying my own THC topical. Yesterday a dog ran into my knee that I have injured about 6 times in the past, including having torn cartilage. I made part of a batch of this topical on the weekend to try it. It’s got 7 different strains in it – CanniMed 12:0, 15:5, 17:1, Whister Chocolope, Tilray Pink Kush and Solace’s LA Confidential and Glacier Kush – all higher THC strains. I infused them into coconut oil after decarbing. Then I added a little olive oil and some grated beeswax and put some into small glass containers and put in the fridge to solidify and offer a cooling sensation. I also added some lavender essential oil and plan to make another batch with peppermint essential oil as I find that oil so great for pain. Well, my knee was so bad that I could barely walk on it and it was incredibly painful. I thought for sure I’d have to see my chiropractor today. I put the homemade ointment on before and after restorative yoga class and babied my knee during class and made sure I didn’t bend it too much. This morning I woke with absolutely no pain and no symptoms from falling. Amazing! I’m so pleased. I will post a pic from my phone. More complicated to attach pics from desktop here

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