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  • suzyjo120

    Strainprint Suppository Recipe

    Hi! I’m trying the recipe for suppositories made with cacao butter that’s in one of the Strainprint articles here. I used a ratio of 1:1 which was 4 grams cannabis with 40 mls of cacao butter. I decarbed my buds, ground them and put them into a small jar with the melted cacao butter. I’m using my sous vide which is what I always use for my infusions and it works like a charm. The problem I’m having is that the amount of melted cacao oil in this recipe doesn’t even cover the cannabis so it won’t infuse very well as some of the cannabis isn’t even getting touched by the cacao. I’ve made suppositories in the past, used a 1:4 ratio of cannabis to oil and the suppositories worked great. They work so well that I get about 4 hours of relief from them. Could someone here explain why the recipe in the article is written like this if it doesn’t work? Thanks!

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