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  • suzyjo120

    Strainprint app Data and Your Experiences

    These are my musings on using the Strainprint app for over a year and I’m wondering what others have experienced. I looked through all of the data I’ve logged into the app and I realized several things. One, a handful of symptoms seem to be my main issues. Second, when a cultivar works really well I have a tendency to not log info beyond one or 2 sessions. Third, I used to be more diligent in logging sessions. Fourth, my logging of data is relative in the moment. That is, over a year ago I know my symptoms were more severe and yet I may use the same number to describe how I feel. I think solving all of these issues is user-based. I need to spend a lot more time logging sessions and thinking about how I really feel in the moment as opposed to how I feel now compared to how I felt a year ago. And I need to spend more time looking through my logged data to see if it actually rings true for me. I’m curious as to how others view their logged data.

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