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Strainprint Forums Strain Reviews Solace Health – Reverie (Painkiller XL)

  • Ashley27

    Solace Health – Reverie (Painkiller XL)

    THC: 3.922%  CBD: 10.716%  Method: Vape

    This strain is actually a good strain for relieving cold symptoms.  It was calming/relaxing for me, but it certainly is not relieving any serious pain.  It quickly and effectively relieved some stuffy and runny nose symptoms (instant clear nose!) and some inflammation around the facial area.

    But my severe back pain is completely untouched by this strain.  The more I used, the more I fall asleep and the more I want to eat!

    Red, dry eyes, dry mouth and some munchies.  Not something I will buy regularly, as Solace has so many better strains.

    Overall: not the Painkiller XL I had hoped for.  Just makes me too tired and dry.  Other strains will give cold symptom relief also.  Solace Health has some amazing other strains I will stick with instead.

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