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Strainprint Forums Licensed Producers Shoppers Delivery Day, anyone else with them?

  • Melaniemmm

    Shoppers Delivery Day, anyone else with them?

    Shop for high-quality Medical Cannabis products and accessories from a source you trust - Shoppers

    I received my first order with Shoppers today. If you’re new to medical cannabis you’ll be pleased with the booklet Shoppers includes in the first order.

    2 way humidity packs seem to be normal, any LP I’ve placed orders with have so far. Shoppers includes Boveda packs.

    Both strains were fresh. Aurora Tower was sticky, packed with tricomes. I’ve never had a high CBD with so many tricomes. Tower is covered! The scent was sweet and earthy.

    Mango haze felt fresh, not sticky but did have some spring when squished. The aroma was sweet and sour. I sampled this in the vaporizer and it has a distinct flavor. It lives upto the mango flavor. It’s calming and focused, great daytime strain. There were a couple buds that were very large.

    Both strains were on sale under $7/gr.

    I did pay for shipping, $8.52. It’s free on orders over $150.

    The one thing I really miss is the terpene breakdown. I have yet to find this on the shoppers site.

    It took 2 days to arrive in Ontario.

    So far I’m happy with Shoppers. I haven’t had any experience with customer service yet.


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