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Strainprint Forums Strain Reviews Review of Qwest Spirit Cannabis from Kiaro in Saskatoon

  • suzyjo120

    Review of Qwest Spirit Cannabis from Kiaro in Saskatoon

    I wanted to tell about my experience with this cultivar as it’s the best cannabis experience I’ve had in my last year of beginning to vape cannabis. A little background information is in order. I began with CanniMed cultivars as a new medical patient. I had never received cannabis or seen cannabis before last January as I had used oils for nearly a year before beginning to vape. I was in a lot of distress physically from Lyme disease. The oils were killing bacteria and parasites in my body, but I needed relief from all the bacterial die off. The morning I first vaped, my body was riddled with pain and nausea. After those first 2 puffs with my Arizer I was floating on a delicious pink cloud of relief from all pain and no nausea for the first time in a couple of years! Fast forward to post legalization, me starting my own cannabis biz and needing to use adult use cannabis to sample edibles, oils, topicals with some of the products my clients would be buying. I always want to try a product myself before recommending it to others. Qwest Spirit that I received from Kiaro seamlessly from ordering on their website and having it delivered to my door was an interesting experience. The buds were crispy dry and crumbling in my hand when I picked them up. And they had a scent, but it wasn’t overly strong. I put 2 Boveda 62% moisture packs in the jar of buds. The next day I opened the jar and picked up a bud. It was real sticky with little yellow trichomes and a lot of trichomes in the bottom of the jar. I had never experienced sticky trichomes on any cannabis buds. This was a new experience. And I could pick up all of the lovely scents from limonene, myrcene, terpinoline and caryophyllene. Heavenly! I took a pinch and put it in my ALD Amaze vaporizer that I had gotten free by using Strainprint points. I took 2 puffs and waited a few minutes. Effects were subtle and lovely. And I put the temperature up to about 210C/410F, the highest temperature I’ve ever vaped at. There was absolutely no coughing. I was so impressed. It was the smoothest experience. I felt energized (I’d been very tired; snow molds were still hard on me) yet relaxed. I vaped the bud at 5 pm and the effects lasted right up till bedtime. Now, I have built up tolerance over the past 2 years of using cannabis medically. So the effects of this cultivar may be different for you. It was a great experience as the Qwest Spirit gave me a feeling of what I used to feel like normally, before Lyme. Thus far Kiaro staff has been great, their costumer service is fantastic and their cannabis has been pretty good quality. Their website is easy to use and I like that they say which terpenes are in each cannabis product they sell. I am going to contact Qwest and let them know how good these buds were! Now that I’ve experienced really great quality cannabis, I will be on a new “quest”-lol-to find more perfect buds.
    I made canna coconut oil with the Qwest Spirit and then made caramels with regular sugar and honey and a batch with a client’s special liquid sugar called Yakon. Both batches turned out perfectly.

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