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  • suzyjo120

    Review of Kiaro Dispensary in Saskatoon

    Vancouver-based cannabis brand expands into retail and e-commerce VANCOUVER, Jan. 11, 2019 /CNW/ - Kiaro, a Vancouver-based brand focused on the retail sale of...

    I found a great story about Kiaro which is featured here and I thought I would also leave my impressions of this dispensary. Kiaro in Saskatoon is in a rejuvenated part of the city. We actually had a great breakfast coffee and fancy breakfast sandwich before heading next door to Kiaro. I was impressed with the bright open space and friendly staff. They are most eager to show off their products which suits me just fine. Dare I say there is more customer service nowadays at a cannabis dispensary than anywhere else?! These young people (all younger than me anyway) were a pleasure to speak with and knew about the terpenes in each flower variety. The store has little black pots of terpenes that you can smell and clear plastic boxes of actual cannabis that you can smell. I would like to see cannabis dispensaries in general have some buds in opaque containers so that people can smell the actual cannabis without it being skunky as the light destroys the beautiful scents in clear containers and the terpene pots aren’t cannabis buds.

    I will definitely be a repeat customer at Kiaro. I bought some Boveda packs that weren’t right and Kiaro exchanged them with no hassle.

    FUN FACT: KIARO is Italian for bringing something out of darkness into the light.


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