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  • Tedfroop21

    Rating LP's

    Having been looking for a new secondary LP for the last couple weeks I have been wishing there was an LP rater that used the following criteria to rate LP’s and when I think data nerds I think StrainPrint. I think this would be a great add to your app and website.
    If we could rate:
    -Product Consistency. Big buds are nice but if the next batch looks like something they swept off the floor that’s concerning.
    -Product Packaging. Bags? Jars? Other? Easy to open?
    -Customer Service? Good experience? Bad? No experience would be best.
    -Added Costs. Excise tax, shipping costs, all add to your total cost. Alberta excise is $1 a gram, $8 shipping and we added $13 to your order for 5 grams which means that $10 a gram flower just went to 12.60 a gram. No excise and $4 shipping $10/gram is $10.60 per gram. It is something that varies widely and nobody mentions on any review site either.
    -Ships same day/next day? Anything more is worse.

    I think it would quantify and help fairly compare LP’s and prices better than anything out there right now.

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