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Strainprint Forums Licensed Producers Problems with WeedMD's weight and stems

  • Jocelynshipticki

    Problems with WeedMD's weight and stems

    Hi there,

    I was having problems with my previous producer, WeedMD, and the fact that their blueberry strain had such small popcorn buds and a lot of stems. When I emaield to ask about it they admitted it wasn’t up to their standards, however, they continue to sell it at full price and are not offering any discounts or credits for the poor quality.

    I then also had a problem with the Ghost train haze strain (which I absolutely loved by them) however, they shorted me .6grams. I complained about this and they agreed to look into it. Weeks went by and I heard nothing, so I followed up. They said they had looked through surrveilance cameras and the product was fine. However, I am still an unhappy customer who got ripped off .6grams of my medicine. I clearly stated you would not go to a pharmacy and accept the fact that they shorted you 6 pills. I said they couldn’t even offer me a $5 credit. So it took 3 times of asking and they finally gave me a measley $5 refund.

    Has anyone else had this issue with WeedMD>?

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