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    New Packaging

    Received my order yesterday, and am very disappointed to have learned when I was placing my order that none of the 4 cultivars I ordered were in bottles, but rather the bags. The first thing I noticed is they are not smell proof. They were in a box, and bag with tamper evident packaging, and I could still smell it…so much for my discretion. Then, I tried to open one…not a favorable experience. It took me about 5 minutes to get it open (arthritic hands). This will definitely pose a problem for me when I often wake with very sore hands, and need faster and easier access to my medication, or the many days when I wake in severe pain, tolerance for anything is very low, and need the same fast easy access. I can easily see this packaging being a hindrance for arthritis sufferers, the elderly, etc. I may be out of the loop on this, but is there going to be a complete transition to all products being in these bags? This is solely my 2 cents, but these bags are a huge disservice, and the glaring “warnings” are a joke. @moderator_bre I have seen that you transferred yours to jars, and I will do the same at some point, but if I have to contend with yet another hindrance in accessing my medicine, this is just plain unacceptable.

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