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Strainprint Forums Suggestion Box Mobile app solely for Strainprint Community?

  • HobDawson

    Mobile app solely for Strainprint Community?

    Might have been suggested before, but I would love to see an accessible app solely for this forum.

    I tend to access this on me ol’ laptop, but it’s getting on in years, and would definitely access and contribute more if I could access and use it on the phone.

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  • AshleighBrown

    Hi @HobDawson πŸ™‚ I have some pretty good (not completely GREAT) news!
    The community is fully functional on mobile, and you can create a bookmark icon to access it easily, just as you would an app!

    We don’t have push notifications in place yet but it would certainly make things easier for you!

    I will take a screenshot of my phone and try and explain how I added it! If I fail, I will call in our project manager!

  • AshleighBrown

    Okay, so if you have an Apple device I have the answer!

    1. Log in via the Safari browser to your account
    2. Click on the share icon at the bottom of the screen (see screenshot number 1)
    3. Choose add to home screen (see screenshot number 2)
    4. Click done (screenshot number 3)
    5. You should now have an icon on your home screen with direct access to Community!

    If you don’t have an Apple device @StrainWizLampert can walk you through the Android experience!

  • AshleighBrown

    Here are the screenshots @HobDawson πŸ™‚ hope this makes it easier to stay connected!

  • AshleighBrown

    My pleasure! Please let me know how that works for you!

  • AshleighBrown

    I will tell you, I was pretty happy to learn that, too πŸ™‚

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