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    Membership Basic FAQs

    Why should I register for Strainprint Community?

    As a member of Strainprint Community, you will be able to ask and answer questions in forums, make friends and message other members, and really get the best of this space. You can also receive exclusive information on the App and Community, research studies and surveys just for community members. It’s free and easy to sign up https://strainprint.ca/community/

    Can I register anonymously?

    In short? Yes.

    We understand you may be a bit shy, and we want to get to know you on your own terms. You can register with a username and email address, but please, share as much as you’re comfortable with in your profile so we can support you! Let’s see those smiling cover photos!

    Why do you need my email?

    We require your email address to confirm your new account, or if you forget your password and need some extra help!

    We will also send you notifications so you can stay on top of great cannabis conversations and see when others have replied to your posts.

    Your email will keep you connected to things you’ve mentioned your interested in: like updates to the app or community, research opportunities and surveys!

    You can customize your communications and preferences under Communication Settings in your profile.

    What will a membership cost?

    Strainprint Community is a place to connect, educate and support eachother. It is absolutely free and accessible to everyone over the age of majority and all legal patients. The journey can be confusing, so information shouldn’t be costly!

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