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Strainprint Forums Advocacy Looking for patient epilepsy testimonials for documentary Separating The Strains

  • sophiedaniel

    Looking for patient epilepsy testimonials for documentary Separating The Strains

    Do you have epilepsy? We want to hear from you…‘Separating The Strains’ the documentary is looking for 1-2 minute audio testimonials, about what it is really feels like to live with this invisible condition. The way you describe epilepsy in your recording doesn’t have to make sense, we are just looking for an honest account of how it individually feels and effects you. We’re looking for analogies and encourage you to be as abstract as possible with your descriptions. Does it feeling like your living in your head with another person? Does it feel like a constant game of chess for you? Does your brain sometimes feel like its Humpty Dumpty breaking into tiny pieces? Do you have a special name for your condition? Is it like waiting for a storm to kick in?
    We’re encouraging you to be as poetic and cryptic as you like. Please send all audio files with your full name and where you are based to: info@captumproductions.com

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