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  • MrLeabeter

    Krush Eco Kube Grinder

    I received my Krush Eco Kube grinder yesterday, after making my first Strainpoints redemption and, for anybody who’s curious, I love it!
    The process of redeeming my points was straightforward, shipping was prompt, and they even included a little handwritten note and a free doob tube! *Awwwww shucks*
    The grinder functions really well and the size is big enough to bust up a good portion, but small enough that it’s reasonably portable. I especially like that the grind size is different depending on whether it’s rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise – ideal for ppl like me who vape but also roll on occasion. Additionally, the magnet which holds the top and bottom together is stronger than any grinder I’ve used in the past, and the square shape really does make it easier to get some good torque.
    The bottom (?) poor with cup is handy, but I think Krush missed a big opportunity to add some sort of lid to this for easy pre/post grind transportation. Also, my cup has a weird dimple in one of the corner, but I chalk that up to just a random manufacturing defect which doesn’t effect the usability or function of the grinder.
    Overall, I’d give this a 9.5/10 if I purchased it, and a 10/10 since it was a freebie (Strainpoints reward).

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