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  • suzyjo120

    Just a couple of suggestions

    When I went to this Strainprint App question option on the site I could just see the very bottom of the button to click to ask a question. I knew it was the question button, but new members may not.

    I’m sharing an email I wrote on Strainprint App:

    I just wanted to report a few things on the app. I have been making my own cannabis products all from Cannimed flower. I make protein balls with raw ingredients including some raw cannabis and decarbed cannabis and I make my own oils, butters and edibles. My latest product is cannabis infused coconut oil and it’s amazing! I sleep all night and I’m dreaming again lots after not remembering my dreams well since I began using mid range THC strains last July. And I can go all day most days without vaping!

    I have two suggestions for the app. And you smarties are probably already working on this!

    1. I need to use the “edible” choice for the oil I make cz it’s made from flower and there are no options for what I turn my flower products into on the app. That is, I use flower, but I make it into oil.

    2. I made my cannabis infused coconut oil from half decarbed 12:0 flower and half 15:5 flower. So being able to report mixing strains on the app would be a great option. And I used 7 g decarbed of my 2 strain flower combo in 3/4 cup coconut oil and infused in my sous vide. I measured 1/8 t portions and it made 120 portions in total. That’s a 3 mg dosage I’m taking one hour before bed according to my math with my 19 year old son’s help! He’s becoming a chemist and is always interested in my “cooking” and “baking” – tee hee.



    I changed the above email a tiny bit

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