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Strainprint Forums DIY Edibles I made cannabis infused coconut oil!

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    I made cannabis infused coconut oil!

    On Saturday I decarbed about 4 grams of a few different 1:1 strains I’d picked up at Meta Cannabis and set it aside for when I had the time/energy to make oil with it. I ended up using a combination of recipes plus the wisdom of @JoyaHalls.

    I used mainly this recipe but only did a half recipe. Because of this I added some water (great tip Joya!) so the temperature in the slow cooker wouldn’t get too hot. https://wakeandbake.co/cannabis-infused-coconut-oil/

    I attached three photos of a few steps.

    The first photo is what it looked like at 10PM after being in the slow cooker on low from about 10AM-6PM. At 6PM I turned it off and let it cool down.

    The second photo is what it looked like this morning after I had strained it and put the water/oil mixture in the fridge last night The water (bottom) has separated from the infused oil (top) and it was super easy to drain off the water.

    The third photo is what it looked like after it had softened up a bit and I was able to fit it into one jar. I was starting to panic a little bit as the oil wasn’t the darker green I’ve often seen but Joya reassured me it looked just right!

    Tips and observations
    -I had two air purifiers set up, the stove fan on high and opened up some windows while decarbing the bud and the smell was manageable. To me, cannabis is a happy smell so it didn’t bother me. If you have people in your house that are sensitive to smells or hate the smell of cannabis you may want to do it when they’re not home. Once I finished decarbing the smell dissipated quite quickly. The house was only really smelly for the 45 minutes the oven was on. I was a little worried the smell might bother my dog but she didn’t seem to care.

    -When I was making the actual oil, I only really noticed the smell when I opened the lid to check the temperature and stir. I had just opened the lid when my grandparents stopped by so my grandma smelled it right away. She asked me, “are you doing something with cannabis?” ???? So, I showed her what I was making and explained how I’m going to make a topical with it.

    If you’re nervous about making your own infusions, I hope this helps you realize its less complicated than you probably think it is. I’ve only made oil once before as I’ve only used LP oil for my topicals. This is a great way to use up strains you may not find helpful to vape or smoke. I plan on making a small batch of salve for a family member and maybe a couple suppositories to try for myself!

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