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Strainprint Forums Community Questions How do you like to give?

  • strainkeepersteph

    How do you like to give?

    I’ve always felt it was better to give than receive. Anyone who knows me can attest to that, and how annoying it is to even buy me a cup of coffee. Generosity and kindness are contagious things. It’s amazing how you can make someone’s day just by offering change to someone at a checkout line who’s fumbling around. But giving doesn’t have to be monetary. It can be in the form of time, attention, donating old clothes or just in making another person laugh or feel understood. It can inspire and motivate. With all the sadness and anger and hate we live with in our world, I think it’s nice to shine the light on some goodness. What little (or big) things do you do to help others? Inspire us! (Oh and before midnight tonight EST, one of you good people who has commented will be the recipient of a new ALD vape.)

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