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Strainprint Forums Community Questions Hi all, I'm looking for best strains for cancer related pain

  • AshleighBrown

    Hi @Rielle 💚 from the research I have done, high THC myrcene dominant strains really offer the best pain relief for cancer related pain or severe pain.
    Suppositories can be a great way to get high doses of THC into the body without intoxication, especially if the person is also experiencing nausea.
    Edibles are a good option if they can tolerate eating as the effects will last longer. Strains like Blueberry Lambsbread or a heavy Hindu Kush seem to ease pain and promote sleep

  • AshleighBrown

    Another option may be THCa as a supplement to augment the more intoxicating effect of high dose THC for pain. CBD seems to be a good option to reduce flare ups of pain over time, but in my personal experience it has not offered me relief from pain on its own.
    Emerald, Cannimed and Whistler have THCa oils.
    So perhaps high THC for nighttime pain, (inhaled with a great vaporizer like the volcano or the Arizer EQ as the bags hold so much vapour and its not hot) AND in oil or capsule form to help stay asleep. THCa oil during the day, and suppositories with high THC if someone can make them for her <3

  • AshleighBrown

    It does seem to have some anecdotal implications for pain relief! I will see what I can dig up from studies.

  • AshleighBrown

    Here is a thread where some members discuss their experiences with THCA, and also a good piece explaining more about it!


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