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Strainprint Forums Adult Use got to high smoking weed last night need advice

  • dance95

    got to high smoking weed last night need advice

    i greened out last night from weed. it was awful but after several hours, im more calm and back to feeling okay. i took a thc too high and finished a joint within like 10 minutes. anyways, i have another thc and i dont want to waste it. how can i smoke it so i dont overdose and get too high like the last time? i should have gotten a cbd because that wont make you too high and its good for beginners. but i still have a thc that hasnt been touched. any tips on how i can smoke this properly without getting too high? or will i experience the same bad experience doing this new thc as well? thanks

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  • AshleighBrown

    Hi @dance95, I am sorry to hear you had that experience. There are so many factors when it comes to cannabis and how it affects us. 20 percent THC is on the high end of things so you’re less likely to have those same unpleasant effects with something that is lower in THC with some CBD. A CBD only strain is non intoxicating so with CBD it is more about you don’t feel than what you do: kind of like when you take a tylenol and don’t have a headache or pain anymore.

    Another consideration for that strain that isn’t working for you is to try a different method of taking it: vaporization with a dry herb vaporizer allows you to control the dose and also the effects since it gently heats the cannabis instead of combusting it. If you’re looking for relief from something like muscle pain or inflammation, you could save the rest and make a topical cream with the bud. Topicals don’t make you high but can help relieve pain.

    I know it can seem really overwhelming, especially after having a negative experience. It’s good to consider why you are using cannabis and what your goals are: it could be that switching to a low THC strain or a balanced THC and CBD strain, or changing to vaporizing may help you achieve the results you want.

    I hope this helps a bit. If it’s any comfort I think we have all been there, so you’re in good company 🙂

  • AshleighBrown

    @dance95 if you’re seeking some relief from the symptoms of depression and anxiety, a high CBD strain is likely the best place to start. You may find that it is a great fit for you on its own, and if not, you could get a very low THC strain with some CBD in it, like a Cannatonic, Critical Mass or Harlequin. Tantalus Labs has some great options available.

    Are you located somewhere that medical cannabis is legal? It may be worthwhile to get a prescription so you can access medical cannabis and have the support of a doctor or clinic to help you navigate 🙂

    • AshleighBrown

      I would start out with the high CBD, give it some time and go very slow, then move onto the CBD/THC you ordered, if things are going well, then you could mix the high THC with some of your CBD, but I would wait until you have a better handle on things so you feel comfortable. Mixing isn’t as precise as we would like so it’s good to get comfortable before you reintroduce the high THC, even mixing it

    • AshleighBrown

      @dance95 I am so happy to hear that <3 Sometimes it helps to talk it through. Cannabis can feel confusing and overwhelming and so I am glad you asked your question. It will help others as well.

    • AshleighBrown

      @dance95 I’m so sorry to hear that you are struggling

    • AshleighBrown

      Do you live in a region where you could access a prescription for medical cannabis? It sounds like you could really benefit from the support of a knowledgeable medical professional who understands cannabis.
      It’s important that you have supervision and support. Cannabis isn’t for everyone, and sometimes there can be reasons not to use it. We aren’t medical professionals but we can certainly help you to find some resources.
      CBD is definitely a much safer bet if you’re feeling anxious or that you might be relying on it.

    • AshleighBrown

      @dance95 glad to hear your mood is better. Cannabis is certainly something we are still learning a lot about and sometimes, like any other medicine, it isn’t well tolerated by some. Depending on your age, your metabolism and endocannabinoid system functioning as well as any existing medicications or health conditions, THC especially may not be appropriate.
      Do you live in a place where medical cannabis is legal?

  • AshleighBrown

    @dance95 I just read above that it’s legal where you live: if you want to message me your location if you’re not comfortable disclosing here I am sure we can find you some resources from trained professionals who can assist so that cannabis is something you feel empowered by and not addicted to or ashamed of using. ❤️

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