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    Getting Started FAQs

    What is the Strainprint Community?

    Community was built just for users like you and meant as a place to learn, engage, and support. It’s our hope that you’ll share your own experiences, questions and observations with other people who are also using to cannabis to improve their quality of life.
    You’ll find conversations and discussion threads in the forums, as well as current, original content in the Articles and Videos section, and evolving spaces for private groups.

    Who can join Community?

    The Strainprint Community site is for users who have either reached the age of majority where they reside or are medical cannabis patients in conformity with all applicable laws.

    How do I sign up for the Strainprint Community?

    Signing up is simple. Just create a username and password, and provide a valid email address. Agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You will receive a email link to confirm your registration shortly afterward.

    I already have a Strainprint account with the app, do I still have to sign up?
    Nope! If you sign in using your email and password used in the Strainprint app, Community will automatically generate a username based on your email address. For example; strainprint123.email.com would be: username strainprint123. You can change it by clicking onto the top right ‘view profile’ link and then account details.

    What usernames are allowed in Community?

    You can choose any username you would like, provided it is in compliance with our rules and posting guidelines and doesn’t contain any spaces. https://strainprint.ca/community/forums/question/posting-guidelines/

    Do I have to enter my personal information? Does everyone see those details on my profile?

    We understand you may want some privacy. All settings default to ‘your friends’ which means that only community friends will be able to view your information. You can customize these settings to share things that may help you discover other members with interests or challenges just like you, or limit access to any and all details.
    Settings can be:
    Only Me
    My Friends
    All Members

    Can I register anonymously?

    In short? Yes.
    We understand you may be a bit shy, and we want to get to know you on your own terms. You can register with a username and email address, but please, share as much as you’re comfortable with in your profile so we can support you! Let’s see those smiling profile photos!

    Why do you need my email?

    We require your email address to confirm your new account, or if you forget your password and need some extra help!
    We will also send you notifications so you can stay on top of great cannabis conversations and see when others have replied to your posts.
    Your email will keep you connected to things you’ve mentioned your interested in: like updates to the app or community, research opportunities and surveys! You can customize your communications and preferences under Communication Settings in your profile.

    What’s the benefit of being friends with someone?

    Becoming friends with someone allows you to privately message them. As with our app, your privacy and security are always important and this prevents you from receiving messages from members you don’t know.

    Is there a membership fee?

    Nope! There are absolutely no fees when you sign up to become a member of Community.

    What are the benefits of becoming a Community member?

    We want to offer you the most engaging and supportive space possible to learn and share. As a member you will be able to:
    • ask questions, share ideas, and respond to all the topics in our 30+ topic specific forums
    • access exclusive community content available only to our members
    • make friends with other members and message them securely
    • receive members-only previews, updates and new information via email subscription

    I signed up but can’t log in. What’s going on?

    You should have received a confirmation email when you signed up. If you didn’t, check your spam or junk folders in your email. Once you confirm your account, you’ll be good to go.

    How do I add a profile picture?

    Click the top right ‘view profile’ link.
    1) Select Profile Image from the left hand menu.
    2) Drag and drop a file from your device, or take a photo.

    How do I add a cover photo?

    1) Click the top right ‘view profile’ link.
    2) Select Cover photo from the left hand menu.
    3) For best results, make sure to upload an image that is larger than 1140px wide, and 230px tall.
    If you’d like to delete your current cover image but not upload a new one, please use the delete Cover Image button.

    How do I enter personal information?

    1) From the home screen, click the top right ‘view profile’ page.
    2) Fill in:
    • Account Details
    • Personal Info
    • Cannabis Info
    3) Click ‘save changes’

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