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Strainprint Forums Strain Reviews Flaura different when made into edible vs oil

  • suzyjo120

    Flaura different when made into edible vs oil

    I wanted to give a bit of a strain review of how one strain can be so different when a person uses it in different ways. I tried Solace Health’s Flaura (aka LA Confidential) for vaping first as pinene seems to agree with me for relief of pain and nausea. Dominant terpenes are pinene, caryophyllene and myrcene. Myrcene is always a weird cat for me. Flaura gives me a nice massage from inside my skin when I vape. I wanted to make a protein ball with it. I made the balls smaller than usual as the THC % is 20%, the highest THC % I’ve ever used in an edible. I didn’t feel much effect until 4 hrs later and then it hit me hard with a little couch lock, feeling stoned and I got sleepy. When I tried to go to sleep my brain was too active and I didn’t get much sleep despite my body being more relaxed than it’s ever been. I had also made infused coconut oil with this strain and tried 1/4 t of that before bed. Again it took longer to take effect, but when it did I slept wonderfully. So the vaping and oil work well, but the protein balls are more recreational. This is something I’ve never experienced before. Such an interesting plant. And the fact that it’s a very slow wind up to being medicinal is interesting too.

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