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  • InhumanSamot

    Early Vegetative Stage: Over Watered & High PH

    I am a first time grower. I believe my plant has just reached it’s vegetative stage. It’s first two true leaves have sprouted. It’s almost 3 weeks old. 18 days to be exact from when i planted the seed. I noticed about a week ago some spots of the serrated edges of my plant began curling upwards. Research taught me it’s usually caused by heat stress but that couldn’t be it, i don’t think, because the temp around my plant stays between 65 and 70, i keep a fan on it at all times and my light is not that powerful. I was keeping my light 2 inches from the top of my plant but i recently back it off to 4 inches. Later i found out the symptoms could be dehydration and I’ve been keeping my soil moist up to this point, as i read to do so but i thought maybe the water isn’t reaching the bottom roots so i decided to give it an excessive amount of water this morning. After doing so i did some more research and learned about a moisture meter. I immediately went to get one and ended up getting one tells me the PH levels as well (something i didn’t think i had to worry about). When i stuck my new device into the soil, i learned that i had over watered my plant and that the PH levels are almost at 8. So my first few questions are, will it be ok if i use distilled white vinegar to drop the PH levels? And if so, i know i have to mix the vinegar with water, should i wait till it needs to be watered again to start fixing the PH levels? Right now my moisture meter is on 10 so it may be a couple days before i have to water again.

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